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Universe Africa promotes the magnificent cultural diversity of the world celebrating the contributions of all peoples to the spiritual heritage of the world. Our focus is on celebrating the cosmological traditions of mankind; celebrating our universal heritage and the brotherhood of mankind. We do this through Exhibitions, Gallery Showcase of handmade products from the villages of the world, Educational Programs and Guided Tours of indigenous societies around the world.

Exhibitions will come from Museums in North America, Asia, Africa and Central and South America.

Our weekly educational program brings the cultural traditions of the World to Toronto’s Waterfront.  It fosters an appreciation of the common interests and destiny of the human family and for that matter all life forms.

City of Toronto Festivals and Proclamations - Our Exhibition and Educational Programs celebrates Toronto’s cultural diversity and dovetails into existing major festivals and City of Toronto proclamations.

Our Guided Tours of Africa and other indigenous societies consist of lectures and presentations supplemented by actual travel experience for those ready to venture out and embrace the world.  The Guided Tours Program is led by Explorers who have intimate knowledge of the societies to which they take our subscribers.

Our celebration of the cultural diversity of the World includes the Universe Africa Store, a gateway for hand made spiritual products from the villages of the world.

Through education, advocacy, fair trade and other programs, UAM challenges barriers and obstacles facing indigenous cultural institutions, thus promoting self-sufficiency and cultural renaissance of indigenous traditions.

The Mystery of Humankind’s Common Traditions and Cosmologies
By Dr. Vivian Darroch-Lozowski

Wrapped in Pride
Young Tribe

Tibet - The Roof of the World

Visions of Buddhist Life

Hindu Culture and Dharmic Traditions

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