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2nd Anniversary Celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of the installation of the Governor General of Canada
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Voice of the Voiceless!

Governor General of Canada, A Voice for the Voiceless!
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Breaking down solitudesBreaking Down Solitudes!
“When I first became Governor General, the motto I chose was Briser les solitudes, meaning “breaking down solitudes.”  It was a way of drawing attention to the many solitudes prevailing in our society today.”
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Nothing is Impossible“Nothing is impossible!”
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Cirlces of SolidarityCircles of Solidarity!
“Like you, I believe that the most productive approach to community development depends on mutual assistance, dialogue and sharing. Citizens who work together and join forces and ideas with people on the other side of the world.  In doing so, a circle of solidarity is created – potentially all around the world – and in this circle, people guide and assist those who sometimes need a helping hand.  I think that this philosophy of guidance is the way of the future.”
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  On the Joy of BooksOn the Joy of Books!
“As far as I can remember, books have always been a part of my life.
….Books became a path to freedom in a world otherwise in turmoil; I learned early on to immerse myself in books with abandon, feverishly, glancing up every now and then as the images brought to life by the rippling words, thundering rhythms, and—most especially—surging ideas washed over me. A book is a constant companion.  A book is a call to dream.  A book is an instrument of knowledge.  A book is a source of pleasure.  A book is forever an expression of freedom.”
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Voice of the VoicelessVoice for the Voiceless
– the marginalized!

“As Governor General, I will seize every opportunity to give a voice to those seldom heard: young people, the excluded, the marginalized, the Voiceless!”
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  On PovertyOn Poverty
“We all know that misery will extinguish hope, leaving behind a powder keg!”
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On YouthOn Youth
“I can think of no issue more urgent than that of stopping the violence against our young people, no matter what form it takes.”
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“Young people are one of my priorities.”
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  On WomenOn Women
“But the woman who stands before you believes that the right of all women to be protected against oppression, discrimination and violence is a fundamental right.”
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On MentalityOn Mentalities
“It is the opportunity we are all given to compare the present with the past, to invent new conventions, to change mentalities, to shape our surroundings, to improve our lives, to expand our points of view.”
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On Knowledge as the BeaconOn Knowledge as The Beacon!

An from this sea, we travelled to another kind of sea, an inland one that is just as endless: the sea of knowledge, with the Shippagan campus …as its beacon.”
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On Equal Opportunity for AllOn Equal Opportunity for All!

“I was touched by their unwavering commitment to building a world in which everyone has an equal opportunity to flourish.”
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“We shall never be chained again.  We shall never be on our knees again.  We shall never be humiliated again.”
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Governor General's PageGovernor General’s page
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Governor General's Vision of a New Africa“I crossed the African continent from Algeria, Mali and Ghana to South Africa and back north to Morocco. Each and every moment of the trip was unique and reinforced my belief that we have far too few opportunities to witness Africa’s bright, hopeful side.

Throughout the trip, I set out to shed new light on the continent- showcasing untold perspectives and time-honoured traditions and cultures.

I feel it is important to share with my fellow Canadians the vision of an Africa that is full of promise-a continent that is committed to finding its own solutions to the enormous challenges of the day-an Africa that is working towards stability, security, prosperity and freedom.

It is this image of Africa that struck me so deeply. And it is this new Africa that Canada has long supported. An Africa whose remarkable, often unseen, efforts we now celebrate together so that it may take its rightful place in the world community.

I will never forget the faces of women, men and children who have chosen hope over pessimism, action over a sense of hopelessness. They are people who are changing an entire continent, one step at a time. I paid tribute to them, on behalf of all Canadians, sharing our admiration and friendship. It is this same spirit of togetherness that, in many ways, has been the hallmark of the past year.”

- Michaëlle Jean

UNESCO Director General attends Ghana’s commemoration of 200th anniversary of the Abolition of the North Atlantic Slave Trade

State Visit of Canada’s Governor General to Ghana – November 18 to December 11, 2006.

Governor General Visit to Africa - Photo Gallery

For more information on the Governor General, click here.

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