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 About Klub Remote
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Klub RemoteWhat is Klub Remote?

A unique new concept in exploration....

Where we bring the Remote to you!

Each month, one of the world's most notable explorers will bring some of the most remote destinations on earth,  to Klub Remote subscribers, through a series of evenings rich with invigorating excitement and adventure, retold exclusively by those men and women who have truly "been there and done that".

The environment for each evening has been meticulously selected to enhance the celebration and provide an atmosphere conducive to the occasion.

Every evening begins with a taste of the exotic as we enjoy a selection of delectable foods from around the world, complemented by a variety of refreshments.

There is opportunity to converse with old friends, and make new ones, in the relaxed intimacy of the Klub Remote environment.

And often, special treats, such as personalized tours of exhibits or other venues of interest are included on the evening's agenda.

Of course, the highlight of each gathering is the presentation, when notable explorers share with us, the indescribable wonders of their adventures. This entertaining and captivating experience is further enhanced and supported by visuals from each expedition.

There are ten such evenings a year, just enough to whet your appetite for the unknown, to fulfill your yearning for discovery.

And each evening is unique.

Every evening will carry us off to another remote place in time or space, on, above, or beneath the surface of this planet earth.

Always, the evening will be a fresh, invigorating experience, a renewal, a welcome respite from the frantic pace of our business and personal lives.

After the presentation, you may personally chat with the explorer over exotic coffees and friandise.

Only Klub Remote, in all the world, offers this unique experience! But there's more!

In almost every instance, you may choose, at a later date, to experience for yourself, the same adventure, firsthand, by going "on excursion".

And your own personal Klub Remote excursion guide and mentor will be none other than the very same explorer you have just had the pleasure of meeting.

That's right, the most remote destinations remaining on the face of this earth will be yours to enjoy in a way never before experienced.

From the North and South Poles, to the unspoiled rainforests of the equator, to the deserted islands of the South Pacific, to the last refuge of some of nature's most endangered species!

You might choose to come face to face with a Komodo Dragon, to stand at the brink of one of the world's great volcanoes, to ski to the Pole, to step ashore onto a remote beach unspoiled by humankind for over one hundred years, to ride silently through the canopy of a virgin rainforest.

And you will have the invaluable benefit of a preview inaccessible to most people in the world, an adventure brought right to you, by the very explorers themselves, through the phenomena that is Klub Remote!

And the Klub Remote value is incomparable!

Stay tuned for Klub Remote’s Ultimate Adventure Program and Subscription Information


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