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Enchanting journey
        Towards the Rainbow tribes
              Through the Universe Africa

If it ever happened to you that on a cold winter day you wander on the unknown streets of the city in search of an unanswered question, if you ever happened to restlessly look for something beyond ordinary, for the extraordinary butterfly of your soul, then take a walk towards the water front and enter into a beautiful art and textile African store but be aware as you navigate through this little African universe you might hear the humming of all those pure human beings who have woven those colorful cloths, be alert you might  feel the presence of many other butterflies!

I highly recommend you to explore this art store and wish you enjoy the beautiful unique art works and a unique individual behind all those art collection named Kofi.


“I wore the Kente cloth for the rest of the librarians’ conference, and had many interested comments. I hope that some of the attendees made it down to the shop to see you as they said they would.

Here at home, I brought the cloth in to my workplace. I work at the University of Victoria Bookstore, and we have a policy of ethical buying, so the Kente cloth was particularly appropriate. We had the cloth on display for a while as part of an African promotion, and publicized your website with it. Hopefully we will be able to display it again in the future.”

Penny Draper

“So many thanks for sharing the vision of our shared cosmology whose origin is ever present and whose source came out of Africa!  Will see you again!”
Vivian DL

“The Mystery of Humankind’s Common Traditions and Cosmologies”
Read Vivian’s article

“Before I come to Universe Africa I was so depressed.  But after seeing all those colours, suddenly I felt a big change in my body. I felt so happy; that happiness helped me to forget my stress. I must say you have that little EXTRA; the one that changes ORDINARY things to EXTRA ORDINARY. Your collection is proof of your uniqueness. Your great personality shows how kind, helpful and creative person you are. Keep it up. Our World needs people like you. God Bless You. Take care. Regards,”
Pooja M.

“I came downtown today for rest (and may be a little excitement).  Your store is full of beautiful African treasures. Thank you for letting me come.  I look forward to visiting Africa one day soon.  Thanks!  Your store is beautiful.  Good luck with everything you do.”

“It’s a miracle, I feel so free of my worries.  This place gives me all the opposite power which I’ve not felt for along time.  I wish you all the best for all the people here (in Toronto) and all over the world.”

Thank you for the pictures and for a wonderful outing!  The girls went back to school  to spread the word about Black History Month.  I have been telling my colleagues and friends what a great store you have. You have a beautiful store and a great spirit. We really appreciated your hospitality.

We'll be back soon!!!


“The thing I (like) the best is your cultures view on raising children.  It takes the whole village – which I believe is the way it should be!  Your generosity and kindness so my daughter feels comfortable and part of the African culture is very much appreciated.  You have positively affected her life!  Kind regards.”

Kathleen F.

“My eyes are filled with color and texture and my Soul is elated by the translation.  The soft and energetic smells and sound bring Spirit to my visit and will definitely inspire me to return.  Thank you for providing such a beautiful and culture space in my life.”

Brianna H.

“Please open the new place at Harbourfront.  Toronto needs such (a) place (where) we can relax and enjoy slow life!  Hot Sun from Africa warms people’s heart even in cold winter.  I look forward to see the new Universe Africa Museum open soon!”
Ao, Japan.

“This Store has beautiful things.”
Debbie B. - Toronto

“Beautiful Textiles…”
Marylou – Vancouver

“Beautiful Place……”
Neeh – Winnipeg

“Great Textiles…”
Ingrid B.

“…We were glad to come across a little of Africa in Toronto…”
Jenny & Nikki

“Very beautiful.  Thank you for bringing some colour to Queens Quay.”

“Thank you for bringing color to the world.”
Jocelyn – USA

“Un univers d’enchantment!!!”

“Lovely shop and friendly owner.  I would definitely come back!”

“Lovely, Just Lovely!”

“What an amazing store!!  Thanks for showing it to me. 
Thanks for the scarf too. My kids will love it.”

“Never knew this about Africa!”
Amy, Scotland

A&Y, Turkey

“Absolutely fantastic!!! Can’t wait to see the whole shebang!”
Ian S.

“A burst of colour.”

“Remarkable intricate work.”

“This guy gets it!”

“Nice shop!”
Harriette J.  Portland,Oregon

“A breath of colour!  An infusion for the senses!”
Louise D.

“Beautiful; Beautiful things! I look forward to your expansion and more wonderful things.  Good luck!”
Sheila H., Parry Sound

“I will cross my fingers for you.  Thank you for everything!”
Ji H., South Korea

“I feel the glorious Spirit and see wonderful patterns in the fabrics; looking forward to learning about their stories and locations.”
Inda S.

“Beautiful store; great philosophy helping small villages out!  Seeing the beauty of all cultures around the world!!!!”
Joanna K. 

“This is a beautiful and wonderful realization of the dream of a people whose culture is less celebrated in this part of the world.”
Kouila K.

“Brings back many memories from my South African trip!  Thank you for bringing this to Toronto, Canada.”
Sol R.

“This is a great place.  Wonderful people!  I would suggest other’s to come! Keep up the excellent work.  Canada needs a touch of Africa!”
Tanya M.

 “This a wonderful shop of cultural cloth and art.  Thank you for the knowledge you passed on.”
L. M. Thibault

“Your store is amazing, you have beautiful things!”
Trisha & Al

“What I see in here is nation of Africa.  It is beautiful!”

“This guy gets it!!!”


“Very interesting and nice project.  Congratulations!”

“I love the energy in your store.  All the best!”

“God bless and good wishes to you and your dream! NAMASTE!” 
Jeff and Michelle – Olympia, WA.

“What a delightful addition to Harbourfront!  Great Store!”

“Great stuff!”

“Heart warming store!  All the best!”

“Your store is special as you are.  Colors are beautiful.”

“U bring the Sun to me.  Fun of colors.”

“Thank you for the great colors.”

“Long Live Mama Africa!”
J. Hart

“Beautiful! Inspiring! Full of Spirit!  Can’t wait to experience the whole show!”
Deborah B.

“It’s not a store.  It’s the experience!  Thank you!”

“Very nice!”
Jo E.

Ida D.

“Beautiful shop and a beautiful view of life.  Good luck!”

“Fab shop … very pleasant.”

“Very interesting idea of connecting different cultures.  Best wishes.”

“Danke fur die interessanden informationess lieude.”
Doris S.  Berlin, Germany

“Beautiful colours, visual treat.  All the best.”

“Fabulous store!  Gorgeous textiles!  Can’t wait until you expand!”

“I love the cultural experience and peaceful feeling in this environment!  I look forward to my next visit to see future accomplishments!  Good on you!”
Lyla C.

“Your vision is wonderful.  Best of luck.”

“This is a ‘cool’ shop!  Thank you so much for showing us this shop!  Aussie, Aussie Assuie!  Oi, Oi, Oi!”
Mitch A.
‘The Aussie’

“A wonderfully enlightening experience!  May it continue and grow!”
World Citizen

“A wonderful, colouful store!  Makes me miss Africa!  Good luck!!”

“Beautifully coloured store, even more colourful owner.  Love this store!  Art is fantastic!”

“Three women with wonderful energy enjoyed your energy!” Peace and Love unite with true joy!”
Michaela, Abeer and Arwa

“Beautiful store!  Wonderful Kente – it makes me miss Ghana!”

“This store is beautiful enough to live in!”

Visitors Tales

Visitors Tales
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